Weheal 藍牙經絡儀

Weheal 藍牙經絡儀(TENS)是第一種便攜式電療裝置,它結合了基本的TENS單元和皮膚電阻測量單元,應用程序是基於來自西方肌筋膜系統、觸發點和中國子午系統等知識的基礎上設計的。 在App雲計算的指導下, Weheal TENS可以緩解多種症狀,達到與針灸相同的效果。通過檢測皮膚電阻值和疼痛量表,客戶可以在每次治療後獲得即時反饋。 這個革命性的系統為使用者帶來自然的治療方法。

Weheal TENS(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a portable electrotherapy equipment which combines TENS and dermatometry. The procedure is based on knowledge of western fascia system, trigger points and also Chinese transit system. At the instruction of App cloud calculation, Weheal TENS can alleviate various kinds of syndromes, which has the same effect as traditional acupuncture. Users can acquire instant feedback through examining by dermatometry value and BPI(Brief Pain Inventory) every time after usage. This revolutionary equipment will by far bring a more natural therapy for humankind.

※榮獲COMPUTEX d&I award 2017

※COMPUTEX d&I award 2017


Client: Weheal Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Design: Nova Design