RCrelease肩痛終結者,為浩漢設計團隊與治療師、運動科學人士的合作之下,所催生的運動按摩產品。針對人體肩關節淺層至深層每一條肌肉所設計,能夠全面性放鬆肩部疼痛的根源-肩旋轉肌群激痛點Rotator Cuff Trigger Points,化解各種肩痛困擾。其便利性,使其成為可隨處攜帶的肩部複健師。

RCrelease is a sports massage product spawned by the cooperation of the nova design, therapists and sports scientists. Designed for every muscle in the superficial to deep layers of the human shoulder joint, it can comprehensively relax the root cause of shoulder pain-Rotator Cuff Trigger Points, and resolve various shoulder pain problems. Its convenience makes it a shoulder rehabilitator that can be carried anywhere.

※2016 Taipei International Invention and Technology Trade Exhibition Invention Competition-Silver Medal