Eveline伊必測排卵檢測系統 / Eveline Smart Fertility System


Using ovulation test reagents as an auxiliary tool for fertility planning to detect the peak level of luteinizing hormone (LH) is clinically proven to be a more effective way to grasp the day of ovulation and increase the probability of conception.
Currently, the traditional ovulation detection reagents on the market only use the color difference of the two lines on the reagent to show the result of ovulation. It is not only relatively difficult to judge with the naked eye, but also the user must collect and manage the reagents after multiple days of testing in order to estimate the best time to conceive, which is very inconvenient to use.


Eveline ovulation detection system combines traditional detection and innovative technology with mobile app.
The system has a built-in ovulation prediction function. In addition to pre-reminding the user to perform LH test, it also provides semi-quantitative low, medium and high levels of test results through APP calculation analysis, and the results are automatically stored Use APP for follow-up tracking, provide better management of female fertility plans and more convenient self-test methods.

※ 榮獲 2018 CES BabyTech 最佳產品獎
※ 榮獲 2017 Good Design Award

※ 2018 CES BabyTech Best product
※ 2017 Good Design Award


Client: iXensor
Design: Nova Design