Pulse Diagnosis


手指型脈診儀 / Pulse Diagnosis System


Pulse Diagnosis System is a portable device that measures the wave spectrum of your pulse and Linked with the Pulse Check app, complex mathematical models and artificial intelligence performed in our cloud-based server turn your spectrum into valuable health information then provide personal health suggestion to user. By research, the pulse feeling can tell us the condition of blood circulation and widely be use in Traditional Chinese Medicine to check patient's symptom. Pulse Diagnosis System is an important invent to change doctor’s experiment into big data resource, it makes body management more easily and precise .



Discuss the core functions and configuration of the " Pulse Diagnosis System " Understand the target market, and use the 1:1 mock up in-depth operation method discussion and human dimension research, comprehensively produce the following insights.
Easy to operate and intuitive to use, which is an indicator of personal home health management products.
Products with high affinity and contact with the human body, and products with good affinity, can be accepted by users more widely.
High versatility, must meet the habit of using the dominant hand (left and right hand) of different users

※榮獲 2020 iF Design Award
※2020 iF Desdign Award


Client: jinmu-health
Design: Nova Design